• Trans Hack Feminist Event in Calafou (Spain) du 4 au 11 août 2014

    THF ! Convergence

    The TransH@ckFeminist (THF !) convergence, organisé en collaboration avec Calafou & /etc (eclectic tech carnival) will be held from August 4-11 in Calafou (Spain). THF ! is a gathering of intersectional feminists, queer and trans people of all genders interested in better understanding, using and ultimately developing free and liberating technologies for social dissent, as an alternative to the corporatisation of technologies and the digital world. We understand technologies in their broadest sense including computer systems, (distributed) networks, "pirate", community and/or independent radio/ tv, guerilla knitting and gardening, looming, hardware hacking as well as gender hacking.

    THF - TransHackFeminist Event (English) from stoopt on Vimeo.

    Voir en ligne : www.transhackfeminist.org

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