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Fluid Genders

  • Who are Transgender People ? The Basics

    Transgender is an "umbrella" term used to describe a wide range of identities and experiences, and is used to refer to many types of people, including transsexual people ; crossdressers ; androgynous people ; genderqueers ; and other gender non-conforming people whose appearance or...

  • Fluid genderS (our definition)

    Fluid genderS are the expression of a gender continuum along which people are free to evolve toward a personal comfort zone, which depends neither on the so-called biological gender (i.e. genetics and development of the reproductive organs) nor on sexual orientation.
    Gender identity and sexual...

  • Binary gender (definition of the society)

    By binary gender, one intends the expression of sexual identity according to society’s expectations. Human beings would indeed tend to have grown into the habit of generalizing and stereotyping. One of these prejudices could be the male/female binary gender : some kind of self-concretizing...

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